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1) TEMS Drive Test Data Collection-

2) Radio Network Site & EMF Survey-

3)Technology and Management Training Courses and Seminars Drive Test and Optimization Training
(Duration - 2 months including On the Job Training)

RF DT and Optimization Training Course provides a thorough overview of the principles behind RF Drive Test and optimization of GSM, EDGE and WCDMA/UMTS Networks. This two-month course builds competence of carrying out effective and efficient Drive Test of modern day 2G/3G networks and practices used to improve the Quality and Accessibility of 2G/3G Networks. OSS and Drive test KPIs are explored in depth and best possible optimization techniques are introduced. Parameter and Physical optimization strategies and techniques are introduced and explained in detail. In practical sessions, participants will be able to work hands on in real network scenario along with our Drive Test Experts who would be guiding them through entire DT process and real time problem solving will be done. Actual on field log files collected will be analyzed in classroom for in depth problem understanding, Layer 3 analysis and problem solving.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for individuals and anyone needing a solid foundation for understanding the principles of RF Drive Test and Optimization. Engineers, technicians and managers who are new to RF and require applicable skills in RF design, planning and engineering. Engineers and Technicians responsible for designing, maintaining, monitoring, and/or optimizing performance of wireless systems.

Course Contents

4) GSM Technology and Radio Network Optimization Seminar
(Duration - 2 Days)
GSM Technology and RNO Seminar is designed for a thorough overview of the principles behind today’s GSM Networks and Radio Network Optimization of GSM Network. This Seminar would focus on Industrial Orientation of Students in 2G Technology and we would be covering topics related to GSM Technology in depth, with major focus on Radio Access Network. During this seminar, we will give insight of activities, required expertise and skill-sets within all the Functions/Verticals in Telecom Operator/OEMs, which will enable the students to understand and develop further in their areas of interest. Further to this, we will also focus on the career opportunities available in Wireless Telecommunication Industry. MO/MT call flow, site planning, LAC Planning, BSC Planning and the various network nodes involved will be discussed in detail.

Who Should Attend
This seminar is designed for budding Telecom Engineers in their Final Year or Third year of BE/BTech who need to understand the industrial functioning of GSM Networks.

Course Contents
5) Training (Internship) and Short-term Projects
(Duration – 15 – 45 days)
TeleArena also provides the opportunity to students who wish to conduct their final year Industrial Training or Project in GSM/WCDMA Network Study, Case Study, Optimization or Process Improvement. Along with introduction to GSM Network Architecture and Radio Network Optimization fundamentals Students are enabled to work on field with RF Engineers for problem understanding, analysis and solving. Students can undertake projects on Frequency Planning/KPI Improvement/Quality Improvement in actual networks followed with Project Report and Presentation.