TeleArena – Established in 2013 is a forum of Telecom Professionals formed to discuss, collaborate and develop expertise in Wireless Communication field. Our major focus is to impart trainings to budding professionals in popular Wireless Access Technologies like GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WiMAX. We also have competencies to conduct advanced trainings in Planning and Optimization with special emphasis on Network efficiency improvement. With its wide experience and expertise in the field of Wireless Access Technologies, TeleArena also undertakes turnkey, task based and manpower based projects for Telcos and OEMs.

About TeleArena Professionals
TeleArena is a group of Telecom Professionals with a rich experience of each individual varying from 8 yrs to 14 yrs in core Telecom Wireless Access Domain. TeleArena Professionals have vast experience of working with major Telecom Operators in India as well as European and South East Asia Markets.

Our Vision
TeleArena envisages the potential of replicating the success story of Indian IT/Software sector in Wireless Access Planning and Optimization field and our vision is to take forward the Indian Telecom Sector to new levels by creating a Highly Skilled Telecom Professionals Hub. Knowledge, Commitment, Consistency, Innovation, Speed, and Efficiency are key for Success.